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I Tried Pacifica’s Color Quench Lip Tint

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Before the Covid-19 and the well needed mandatory mask orders, I used to live in lipstick. I was one of those people who wore lipstick even to run to my local CVS for 15 minutes! It was a rare find to spot me without a black or berry-toned lipstick. As you can imagine, I have seriously missed wearing lipstick during this time. Because I miss wearing lipstick, I have turned to the next best thing, tinted lip balms!

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A few weeks ago, I decided to give Pacifica’s Color Quench Lip Tint in the color sugared fig. I chose to check out Pacifica’s lip tint because I am a huge fan of Pacifica’s other products. So when it arrived in the mail, I was ecstatic; my search for the perfect lip tint was over. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case. When I first applied the lip tint, I was expecting a hint of a berry tone tint on my lips, but instead, it just looked like I used a regular lip balm. This lip tint may have more of a hue on lighter skin tones, but this product may not be for me since I have a dark skin complexion. While this is all too familiar with many cosmetic products, it’s still disappointing.

But don’t worry, there is a light at the end of this beauty tunnel! Pacifica’s Color Quench Lip Tint is actually a really good lip balm. My lips tend to be on the dry side, but this lip tint actually keeps my lips moisturized, not to mention it even smells good. I may not have found the perfect lip tint, but I did find a good lip balm in Pacifica’s Color Quench Lip Tint.


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