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When Your Dream Job Becomes Draining

This year I turned 28 and lost my grandpa. These two events were a significant game-changer for me. I also began to crave stability, which really is something difficult to have as a freelance stylist. Many people experience going through a career rut, but I don't think it's a normalized conversation amongst fashion creatives. So... Continue Reading →

Lauren Conrad Beauty Review

I think I found the love of my life! No, I'm not talking about finding the man of my dreams. But I have found the liquid eyeliner and mascara of my dreams from Lauren Conrad Beauty. Source: Finding a liquid eyeliner pen pigmented enough for dark skin complexions can be challenging. But this eyeliner... Continue Reading →

How To Spot Fake Crystals

Photo by Castorly Stock from Pexels In recent years, crystals have become extremely popular for many trying to achieve a "witchy aesthetic." Because crystals have become trendy, e-commerce companies have turned to synthetic crystals to meet consumer needs. This can be a huge issue for people who use crystals for their altars or for healing. With natural crystals,... Continue Reading →

Covid-19 Creative FOMO

*Post Originally written in October 2020* Credit: Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash Ever since the outbreak of Covid-19, many people have faced the reality of depression and anxiety. This time has been incredibly eye-opening for creatives. For the past few months, the shelter in place orders have been limited or wholly uplifted in some... Continue Reading →

Rococo Era Hairstyling

Source: Portrait of Lady in Blue by Thomas Gainsborough. In the 1770s, men mainly wore wigs, and women wore hairpieces, some powdered and some not. Preferred hair colors for women were blonde, black, and various shades of brown. Women wore their hair curled and frizzed. The extended height of women’s hair came from the usage... Continue Reading →

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